Our Mission

In the darkest of times, everyone needs hope. Drinking from the Well exists so that people who hurt can find help, healing, and hope in the midst of their storm – and beyond.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to Me and drink.” John 7:37


Our Story

Christian and I (Beth) met 15 years ago at church when we both went to the wrong room for a planning meeting. Over time, we got to know each other and served together at Faith Focus and the church’s Food Pantry Ministry. We learned that not only did we both have a heart for hungry and hurting people, but we also wanted to spend our lives sharing the love of Christ with the world. Together.

We married in 2001, but due to my heart condition, we could not reliably serve in ministry. In 2005, I was feeling better and had the opportunity to go to Kenya as part of a medical missions team, and the yearning to do more to help hurting people ignited a fire in my heart that has never died.

By the time Christian completed his schooling at PBU, we welcomed Hannah into our family. She developed febrile urinary tract infections (UTIs) at only six-months of age, a problem caused by a cyst on her kidney. After several renal stents and procedures, her urologist sclerosed the inside of the cyst and successfully stopped the recurring infections. Hannah nearly died in the midst of it all from a terrible bout of E-coli, one that remained stubbornly resistant to antibiotics and made her temperature skyrocket. Thankfully, she survived and presently suffers no ill effects from the traumas she endured.

We lost two babies between Hannah and John, miscarrying both at eight weeks to the day. By the time we got pregnant with John, we cautiously celebrated until we passed week twelve only to find out at week 20 that he had gastroschisis, a birth defect in which his intestines were being formed outside of his body. I delivered him on the Special Delivery Unit (SDU) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and even though doctors had given him only a 15% chance of making it, he made it! After four-and-a-half months in the hospital and another four-and-a-half months on a feeding tube at home, he turned a corned, ditched the feeding tube, and started chowing down on table food like a growing boy ought to.

Our family struggled to recover after the many months of commuting to Philadelphia. Grateful yet weary, all of our relational uglies and made their appearance within the pressure cooker of medical crisis, and we sorely needed to allow God the liberty to repair the damage. Over the next year, we underwent both individual and marital counseling, intense emotional healing, and several parental challenges. Just as we felt our heads start to come above the water, we became pregnant with Abigail.

Naturally skeptical by this point, we guarded our hearts until that twelfth week passed without incident, and we found ourselves getting excited to experience a normal pregnancy. That is, until week 20, when we received word that she, too, had a birth defect. A heart defect. It was a blow, one that left us weak and wounded for a time, but somehow the Lord gave us the strength to rise again and prepare for the lovely little girl He sent into our family. After many surgeries, middle-of-the-night Life Flights, and hospital stays, Abigail is finally stable. Today. The future may prove different, but for now, she is with us, growing well and loving life.

Our family continues to recover, and for the most part has. Not a day goes by when we don’t appreciate our family or the incredible miracles God has granted through the gift of our children’s lives. Even though we would never have chosen it, we wouldn’t have know with such a depth the frailty of human life had we not walked this path and find ourselves today grateful for it.

Our Family

Christian T. Morgan – The patriarch of our clan and the most extreme individual I’ve ever met. Tri-athlete, skydiver, mountain-climber, that all-or-nothing type of man. An electrician by trade, Christian also possesses a B.S. in Bible with an emphasis in Christian Leadership from Philadelphia Biblical University. During the week, he manages a recycling plant, but on the weekends, his green thumb and love for nature come alive in the garden or on hiking expeditions. Both he and John love to fish, so they like to slip down to the creek and spend afternoons together. My husband also has a beautiful daughter, Ashley, who lives roughly an hour away with our grandson, Leo.

Beth Ann Morgan – The Morgan matriarch and loving every minute of living life with these incredible people. I have three main passions: Jesus, writing/speaking, and people. Okay, maybe four. Horses. I love horses. My sub-passions are by no means limited to the following: reading, singing, decorating cakes, running, cooking, gardening, and crafting (i.e. scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, painting, etc.). I am also addicted to using my dandelion hook. On a professional note, I am a former pediatric dietitian, forced to resign from that line of work in 2000 due to a heart condition. I turned to freelance writing, completed the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild’s Apprenticeship Program, and got busy writing articles and book proposals.

Our dream as a couple is to own a farm through which our family can help hungry, hurting, and lonely people. By connecting them with resources to grow their own food and by sharing the love of Christ, we seek to offer hope, love, and a family that lasts forever.


Hannah – A born leader and a woman who speaks her mind, Hannah has a deep well of compassion for hurting people and a heart to help them. She has proven a tremendous help over the years with her younger brother and sister, knowing well how to handle medical emergencies. Her love for reading, piano, and horses takes a backseat only on Saturday afternoon while she plays soccer. Goalie is her favorite position.

John – Not only is he deeply sensitive and kind, he is by far one of the most determined individuals on the planet, a quality that has served him well. He faced a life-threatening birth defect as an infant with incredible drive and inner strength that would shame the bravest warrior, and now, he enjoys good health, trains, and the solar system as much as most boys his age.

Abby – Our bubbly, giggly socialite brings a smile to the lips of all blessed to encounter her vivacious presence. One would never know that she has a severe heart defect that nearly took her life several times . . . and perhaps may in the future. She keeps up with “the big kids” and has no problem holding her own. Quick to laugh and pour a cup of tea, Abby enjoys wearing pretty dresses and playing catch in the backyard with her family.


Photo credit of barn: gratisography

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. This is incredible Beth. You and your hubby are an example of what a christian family should look like. Thank you so much for the love that you both have for Jesus and for showing it in so many ways. God has done and will continue to do mighty things thru your lives. Thank you for your obedient to the ONE who gave it all for you. Love RSavino 🙂


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