Foot Rub

How often do you get a foot rub?

My sweet girls jump in every so often with their glittery lotion and keyed-up theatrics, but my dedicated husband is the one who at the very least weekly rolls up his sleeves, lathers up with green, gooey aloe vera gel, and does the dirty work.

Wonderful man, that Christian.

I once attended a funeral for a remarkable young woman named Laura Beth Wollenhaupt.  Her parents led our church’s youth group, and even though my husband and I served as youth sponsors, I only knew Laura from afar.  One tragic August day, she died in car accident on the way to Disney World to vacation with her family.

An incredible thing I learned about Laura while sitting in the pew that day came from her college roommate, Lexi.  She shared that she’d had a chronic skin condition on her feet that was alleviated by daily washing and that Laura took great delight in comforting her friend by washing her feet.

Faithfully and with joy.

That beautiful story of not only friendship but also servanthood has remained with me for years, and I think of Laura every time my feet are rubbed.  The fact that she possessed the ability to love so selflessly at only twenty-two years inspires and challenges meet do the same.

No wonder He wanted her with Him.

Thank you, Laura, for your beautiful example and selfless love.  Thank you, Christian, for your undying devotion and tender care.  Thank you, my girls, for your sweet giggles and sparkly lotion.

Thank You, Father, for the dear ones above and for stooping to wash all of us from head-to-toe.

One thought on “Foot Rub

  1. Beth,
    I am that roommate. I found this entry tonight when I googled Laura’s name. There is an article about her accident which I can’t help but torture myself with around this time of year. Tomorrow would have been her 36th birthday. Anyway, your blog topped the list I had pretty much memorized. It brings my heart joy to see that her incredibly selfless actions live on in the lives of people like yourself. I can testify, yet again, that Laura so humbly loved and served me in a way that no other person has ever done before. Her life and her actions still challenge me daily. 1 Peter 4:8 has become a favorite verse of mine, because of Laura. It was a Christlike love that has changed me forever. Thank you so much for sharing and showing me the ripple effect of her selflessness.


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